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After years serving in leadership roles for large consulting firms, Clinton Gott and Ted Briggs founded Better Sales Comp Consultants in 2009 to offer a better consulting solution to our clients.

The BSC Consultants formula started with bringing together a select team of senior consultants with big company backgrounds, deep expertise in cross-industry best practices, and noteworthy projects with hundreds of clients. We then created a more flexible, high-touch, and senior-level delivery model that allows us to work directly with our clients through customized and affordable work project plans. That allows us to deliver great sales compensation plan solutions through more affordable, collaborative, and effective consulting engagements.

The team at BSC Consultants has an extensive client list across a wide range of industries who serve as excellent references to our work style, expertise, and impact. We are also proud members and supporters of the WorldatWork.

Our Senior Consultants

A sales compensation program should serve as a critical enabler of your business strategies and sales success. Your sales incentive costs are significant; it is essential to ensure your plans direct, retain, and motivate. Few levers can so quickly or…

Better sales compensation plans provide individual focus on job priorities and sales strategies and ensure top performers are well rewarded – upside for the right results! Are you confident in your sales compensation plan designs? Do you feel they are…

Sales incentive plans are the bane of most organizations; they usually require a disproportionate amount of leadership attention relative to the affected headcount and can too easily drive dysfunctional and inappropriate behavior when they no longer align with the way…

Effective Sales Compensation programs need to be aligned across the spectrum of sales force elements as well as technical design – everything needs to be considered, from the roles themselves, territory structure, quota setting process, communication of plans and reporting…

Determining the appropriate strategy for your sales organization is critical. You operate in both mature and emerging markets – better sales compensation plans will create cohesiveness and alignment across your globally diverse sales force. The right solution should factor in…

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