A sales compensation program should serve as a critical enabler of your business strategies and sales success. Your sales incentive costs are significant; it is essential to ensure your plans direct, retain, and motivate. Few levers can so quickly or efficiently impact the overall performance of a sales organization! But sales comp plan designs in any given organization are often limited to “how we’ve always done things” or people who “saw this work at my last company”. The best plans derive from considering cross-industry best practices expertly applied to each unique environment.

Clinton helps clients utilize sales compensation investments to achieve business and sales results. Without a properly focused, motivated, and rewarded sales team, achieving overall business goals becomes something hoped for rather than enabled.  His work focuses on motivating sales and service people to fulfill the promise of an organization’s unique business objectives.

Clinton has two decades of consulting experience working across a range of industries including software, hardware, consumer products/DSD, medical products, financial services, and others.

He enjoys a particular emphasis on helping small or medium sized businesses evolve the sales organization and compensation program toward greater maturity, effectiveness, and sophistication. His work also frequently focuses on helping mature organizations return to higher growth trajectories.

Clinton formerly served as the Western Region Sales Effectiveness Practice Leader at Watson Wyatt (now Willis Towers Watson) before starting Better Sales Comp Consultants in 2009. Prior experience includes human capital and process consulting roles at Sibson Consulting and Accenture, as well as corporate sales experience in various organizations.

He is a frequent conference speaker and author — Workspan, WorldatWork, and other events. Clinton earned an MBA with distinction from UCLA Anderson School of Management.