Better sales compensation plans provide individual focus on job priorities and sales strategies and ensure top performers are well rewarded – upside for the right results! Are you confident in your sales compensation plan designs? Do you feel they are performing optimally? BSC can help ensure your company has the right answers.

Ted works with leading companies to develop sales job clarity and ensure alignment of the sales compensation plans with the performance requirements of those jobs.  By helping to evaluate sales strategies and the details of a company’s sales coverage model, his work develops the confidence a management team needs to invest in the performance of their sales team. Ted’s work focuses on driving the efforts of top performers to achieve personally and for their company.

Has three decades of sales effectiveness and sales compensation experience in working with clients in the technology, telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, medical products and pharmaceutical industries

Ted led the development of numerous industry sales compensation and sales operations forums nationally. Most notably, he was the original creator of the nationally-recognized High Tech Roundtable in 2001.

He has served as a business and practice leader in national/global firms including the Alexander Group, Sibson Consulting, and Willis Towers Watson before starting Better Sales Comp Consultants in 2009. Previous positions were in training and development, as well as serving as a CPA for Deloitte. He is also a Certified Meeting Facilitator – Center for Effective Meetings.

Ted is the author of the WorldatWork publication, Sales Compensation Essentials, as well as numerous articles and newsletters, and he serves as a member of the WorldatWork Sales Compensation Teaching Cadre. Also know as an effective and frequent speaker at national and global conferences on topics related to sales compensation, sales productivity and sales performance management.