Case Study: Sales Workload and Capacity Planning – High Tech (Hardware)

The Issue

The sales organization of a global technology hardware company was struggling with capturing the opportunity that existed in its various markets. Regional and country leaders were requesting additional sales resources but the Head of Sales was hesitant to commit investments without ensuring that the existing coverage and deployment model was optimized.

The Solution

Our team worked with the sales organization to understand the nature of accounts being covered by account management, inside sales, and channel sales teams. Further we analyzed the amount of work required to cover accounts effectively. This was then overlaid with the amount of opportunity that existed across revenue categories (i.e., acquisition, penetration, and retention). From this relatively straightforward and logical approach, we were able to extrapolate where gaps and surpluses existed in the company’s coverage.

The Impact

Our work resulted in exactly what was expected – an accurate view of opportunity and an understanding of where opportunity was not effectively or efficiently being captured. As a result, country managers were able to build business plans and requests for incremental sales headcount. These plans included  clearly articulated commitments around sales growth and productivity which, in turn, made the Head of Sales  comfortable in making the necessary investments. In many cases, incremental headcount was actually not needed as existing resources were redeployed to high-potential, under-covered accounts/territories.