Case Study: Sales Coverage Model – Financial Services

The Issue

A financial services organization had an unsophisticated model for considering its account segments, customer buying needs, and optimal areas of growth. In addition, they had several disparate and siloed sales organizations covering various vertical markets and account sizes. Sellers in each sales organization were allocated to accounts somewhat haphazardly with little regard to defining the sales roles required to properly target their accounts nor matching the incumbent sales talent to the various demands of selling to divergent accounts.

The Solution

We worked with sales, sales operations, finance, and human resources personnel to first understand the segments currently being sold to. We identified and differentiated target vertical from core customers, and embarked on a data analysis exercise to identify categorize accounts by size, e.g., mega, large, mid-sized, and small. These categorizations were then calibrated against sales and market information that captured potential sales. With segments identified, we then defined the necessary selling roles, e.g., account owners and sales or technical specialists, created workload expectations to identify headcount needs, and created modified and improved account assignments to cover the newly segmented account map.

The Impact

The work represented a fundamental shift in creating a more integrated sales organization. Targeted vertical segments received enhanced focus to better drive results. Through greater role clarity, we ensured the most important accounts received the optimal focus and sales across the various product groups improved. Early results show increased sales results, better customer service scores, and an more empowered, focused, and motivated sales team.