Case Study: M&A Integration – High Tech (Hardware)

The Issue

Two multi-billion dollar  network infrastructure companies  recently merged in an increasingly competitive industry that was facing strong regulatory and pricing pressures. In the immediate months following the merger, investors were expecting a significant downsizing of operations, specifically within the sales, services, and marketing organizations. The company was struggling with ensuring a smooth transition for its global customer base while ensuring that the newly merged sales organization remained motivated and effective in the field.

The Solution

Our team was deployed on site to quickly understand the strategic and tactical implications to the sales, services, and marketing organizations as a result of the merger.  Working around the clock, within one week our design team conducted meetings and calls with 100+ country teams where the company had sales teams deployed in.  The most critical integration and go-to-market challenges and opportunities were identified which resulted in a transition coverage model and sales compensation plan. Changes were communicated to over 15,000 field personnel with a regionally-tailored communication strategy and escalation process.

The Impact

What began as a merger of two vast and culturally disparate organizations, resulted in a sales organization that felt aligned around a well-communicated plan, with a short term integration strategy that created a go-to-market model that was effective in serving the customer base. Importantly, the interim compensation plans made the new organization also feel aligned around similar performance measures and organizational strategy. We were asked to provide our expertise in clarifying their long term sales strategy and compensation effectiveness in future years.