Case Study: Job Role Definition and Clarification – Semiconductor

The Issue

A semiconductor manufacturing company had experienced significant but unexpected growth in its international markets. As a result of reactive market capturing, the sales and services organization struggled to have a cohesive approach to sales effectiveness as roles were being deployed inconsistently to the field. While growth was not expected to flatten in the near term, the CEO and Head of Sales were concerned about the potential discrepancies in how roles were being deployed and managed in the selling process.

The Solution

To properly understand the nuances and inconsistencies highlighted by management required our team to conduct field visits  across the globe. Our consultants spent time conducting interviews and customer visits with several hundred sales and services  reps in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We worked to understand the various processes associated with selling to customers and the roles involved at each specific stage of the sales process. Our deep assessment allowed us to understand what was working well  (and would continue to work well) versus what tweaks were needed to ensure effectiveness as the company continued to grow. This resulted in a clarification of job roles and certain specifics around the selling process.

The Impact

Our work helped to ensure overall alignment throughout the sales organization. The view we provided to sales executives offered a perspective that was new to them – they were quick to understand the nuances that worked well and didn’t need fixing versus the inconsistencies that were causing challenges in how the company was operating. The overall clarification of job roles and subsequent tweaks to create alignment around processes and sales compensation proved effective as the company increased its ability to capture opportunity across its global and local customer base.