Our consultants frequently write articles in various sales management and HR publications on current themes related to sales effectiveness and compensation. Some recently published articles are below.

BSC’s Design Guide to Success: Top Ten Tips to Ensure a Successful Sales Compensation Assessment and Design Project

In BSC’s Design Guide to Success, BSC founders and principals – Ted Briggs and Clinton Gott – provide comprehensive and detailed advice for ensuring your organization’s sales compensation assessment and design process is a great success. Organized efficiently into BSC’s Top Ten Tips, their Guide to Success includes views on your most critical topics, including:

• Ensuring clear strategy and role definition
• Securing executive vision and buy-in – before it’s too late!
• Following a tested and proven project approach and timeline
• Including the right design team members and assessment inputs to ensure your most optimal results
• Selling and communicating the new plans to the field sales organization

Ted and Clinton are happy to share their insights gained through decades of sales compensation consulting across as wide range of industries and clients.

To download this free and informative guide, please click here: BSC’s Design Guide to Success

Have You Heard This One? Plan Communications Can Make or Break Your New Sales Incentive Plan

Sales compensation plans help company results and enable corporate strategies. Companies expend great time and energy to ensure plan needs are assessed and that new plans are designed in a collaborative, inclusive and diligent fashion. The effort takes a lot of work, and too often, there is little time, energy or thought left for the plan rollout effort. Yet this last step is often the most important one in ensuring your new plans most quickly begin driving the results you expect. This article examines common issues with plan implementation and offers best-practice solutions for ensuring your plan rollout will be a great success.

Achieving Successful Sales Compensation Plan Change

Almost every year, most companies go through a process of assessing their sales compensation plans. Typically and reasonably, these assessments result in only minor changes or what are known as “tweaks” to the plans. On average, economic conditions and evolving business strategies require plans to undergo more significant changes every two to three years. However, these serious changes are actually only accomplished every five years or so. In this article BSC Principal, Ted Briggs, highlights the reasons for this discrepancy and also identifies some critical factors for increasing the odds of actually achieving meaningful sales compensation plan change.