Better Sales Compensation Plans. Better Results.

Better Sales Comp Consultants creates sales compensation plans that drive better sales results. A sales compensation program should be a powerful enabler of sales success, and we design incentive plans that focus, motivate, and reward salespeople to achieve their best results.

When considering new sales compensation plans, everyone seems to have an opinion. But views are often limited to “how we’ve have always done things” or “I saw this at my last company”. Sometimes the best solution isn’t perfectly clear while competing ideas and nagging uncertainty undermine the confidence in your sales compensation program. That’s where the team at Better Sales Comp Consultants can help. Our consulting work builds confidence, as we help create better sales compensation plan designs that drive optimal results.

Senior-Level Guidance and Delivery

BSC’s model is unique – we only involve experienced consultants through every step of project delivery. Our clients aren’t paying for junior consultants to learn on the job. BSC team members average over twenty years of experience, and our clients notice the difference.

Best Practices Knowledge with Real-World Application

We’ve helped hundreds of clients across dozens of industries create actionable solutions. We anchor our designs in cross-industry sales compensation best practices applied pragmatically and effectively to each unique situation.

Teaching Others How to Fish

“Give a person a fish, and you feed someone for a day. Teach a person to fish, and feed someone for a lifetime”.  We don’t just create new plan designs – we teach our clients about sales compensation concepts and best practices to enable confident decisions today and tomorrow.

“It Takes a Village”

Sales compensation plan designs live at the intersection of sales management, finance, and human resources. Creating the best plan designs requires a collaborative fact-based process. We understand diverse stakeholder needs and feature the experience, ability, and approach to drive consensus.

Best Use of Your Consulting Spend

After years in leading roles with big consulting firms, we created BSC to be different. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest sales compensation design firm nor the one with the fanciest offices. Our clients aren’t paying to support such misplaced ambitions – our project budgets directly support the quality of consulting support received. We believe that’s how it should be.

BSC has a simple mission – to offer our clients the best consulting experience, value, and solutions possible. We are proud to serve as trusted advisors who ensure our client sponsors look good and can make their most important decisions with confidence. Please explore our links or contact us at to learn more!